As a Consultant in Training, I offer individual and group EMDR consultation.  Therapists who have completed Basic Training and Case Consultation are eligible to begin working toward certification as an EMDR Therapist.

For more information about the process, go to EMDRIA.org and click on Certification.

If you would like to discuss my consultation structure, process, fees and schedule, please contact me and we can set up a time to meet or talk.



Group Consultation is held approximately one Wednesday a month from 9:30-11 AM.  

No more than 6 per consultation.  You must reserve your space in advance.  See the Registration page for the next available group and to reserve in advance.

group consultation


My EMDR training began in 2006 when I was working with foster youth in a Foster Care Mental Health Program.  I was trained by the EMDR Institute, completing Parts 1 and 2 in 2006.  

In 2012, I began to work toward my Certification process.  Sometime shortly thereafter, I chose to retake Basic training Part 1 to refresh my understanding.  I completed my certification process with Alicia Avila, LCSW.  As a Consultant in Training, I continue to work with Alicia for Consultation, as required by EMDRIA.  

Since first becoming trained, I have applied EMDR therapy to a range of clinical concerns.  My clinical orientation, in addition to EMDR theory, includes Attachment theory as well as MindBody principles.  As an Early Childhood Mental Health professional, I incorporate Child & Family Development theory in my understanding of the impact of events on children and adults.   I find great satisfaction in facilitating the therapeutic process through EMDR and I hope to help other professionals sharpen their skills with this amazing tool.