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EMDR Therapy, Yoga, and Mindfulness


MindBody Connection

The relationship between the mind and body can be used as a powerful tool to create ease in the moment, resolve the past, and pursue your well being.
Mind Body Techniques, including EMDR therapy, mindfulness and therapeutic yoga are the basis of all services offered here, placing you at the center and in charge of your own journey.

EMDR Therapy

Our past does not have to control how we experience our present or the future.  EMDR therapy is highly effective at resolving painful memories that repeatedly play out in the present, or it can be used to lessen the impact of isolated traumatic events.
Think EMDR Therapy may be right for you?  I invite you to contact me for a brief consultation, at no cost.

Mindfulness & Therapeutic Yoga

Small group classes and workshops provide a space for exploring therapeutic tools for personal growth and healing.  These classes can serve to prepare clients for their therapeutic work, to augment current therapy, or to support maintenance of well being after therapy is complete.  



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Gretchen Mallios, LCSW, RYT / Positively Yoga

2831 Camino Del Rio S, Suite 303, San Diego, CA 92108

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I am available by appointment only, Tuesday through Thursday.

A NOTE ABOUT THIS LOCATION: The office is located on the 2nd floor.  There is no elevator access.  Please let me know if this is a barrier for you so that I can make accommodations as needed.