EMDR Therapy

Our past does not have to control how we experience our present or the future.  EMDR therapy is highly effective at resolving painful memories that repeatedly play out in the present, or it can be used to lessen the impact of isolated traumatic events.

Currently, there is a wait list for new clients wishing to work with Gretchen Mallios.  If you would like to ask about being added to her wait list, please click on 'Find Out More' and complete the contact form.   

Incoming clients are encouraged to attend Movement and Meditation,  iREST, or the Introduction to the MindBody Connection Class.


Mindfulness & Therapeutic Yoga

Small group classes and workshops provide a space for exploring therapeutic tools for personal growth and healing.  These classes can help prepare clients for therapeutic work, augment current therapy, or support maintenance of well being after therapy is complete.  


MindBody Connection

Mind Body Techniques, including EMDR therapy, mindfulness and therapeutic yoga are the basis of all services offered at this practice, placing the client at the center and in charge of their own journey.

The relationship between the mind and body is a powerful tool for healing.  It can be used to create or deepen ease and well being in the present moment.  From this ground of well being, we are better able to look at the past in order to resolve what is not yet resolved and understand what we couldn't understand before.

The MindBody Connection Course

Emotional Health is central to well being and a good quality of life.  Yet, research shows that nearly 1 in 5 adults live with a mental illness in the United States.  Annually, nearly 4% of  adults are living with PTSD.  Although that number is not very high, for those who are living with symptoms stemming from traumatic stress,  it can be devastatingly painful.  Relief is vitally important.  

The MindBody Connection Course is an entry point to learning about the healing journey and the role that emotional health and self care play in the process.  It was created by Gretchen Mallios to introduce people to the process of healing from trauma, acute stress, or other stress related conditions.  It is also suitable for individuals healing from  Depression or Anxiety, or for their loved ones.  

Contact us to find out more or to register for the next course date.