Movement and Meditation


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MindBody Connection


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Creating the Life You Want


Creating the Life You Want

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Movement and Meditation


Yoga - A Practice of Transformation

Classical Yoga was first pursued as a path of transformation.  Asana (movements) and pranayama (breathing practices), were used to prepare the body and mind to enter a deeper state of meditation. They aided one in withdrawing from the physical realities (and limitations) of the world, in order to increase their connection to a higher awareness.

This is the yoga that Sita experienced when she first began to practice in 1990. Her teachers taught and practiced yoga as a lifestyle path leading to self-realization. 

The Movement and Meditation class goes back to these roots of transformation.  Explore practices designed to shift energy and find inspiration and guidance from the wisdom teachings of yoga

LEVEL:  Designed for all levels, beginner to experienced

ACTIVITIES: Movement, breathing, and meditation

OBJECTIVE:  Free energy and tension in the body to invite a deeper connection to insight, clarity and creativity in your meditatio practice.


Wednesdays from 5:30 - 7 PM.  

Instructor: Sita Michelle Baker, C-IAYT

Price: $65 - 4 classes / $20 Drop In

Commit To Practice

A Practical Guide to Creating The Life You Want

Half Day Retreat to Set Your Intention & Purpose

Have you ever had that moment when everything fell into place in a way you never could have facilitated yourself? Maybe…it was a little like magic?  Your mind is a powerful ally. Once focused, your mind becomes a creative force to more possibility than you can imagine.  During this half-day retreat, we’ll take time to exercise the skills you need to bring about change in an effective and meaningful way.  Together, we'll explore:

  • Common mistakes people make when trying to create change
  • New ways to think about resolutions and succeed
  • The 9 principles of change
  • Centering Yoga and Meditation Practices to Identify and Connect with your Purpose
  • Tools for identifying your highest priorities and drafting a plan to pursue them

You’ll Clarify What You REALLY Want and Harness the Power of Your Intention.

The importance of taking time to reflect, GET CLEAR, and strategize cannot be overstated. Walk away from this workshop retreat with an empowered course of action. This will be a deep dive into how to have what’s in your heart and overcome the obstacles that keep you from it.

Facilitated by Sita Michelle Colucci, C-IAYT & Gretchen Mallios, LCSW, RYT



Additional Information

In today’s world, many people are feeling rushed, overwhelmed and stressed out. Simultaneously, they are constantly hearing about all the things they ‘should’ do to take care of themselves, including meditation and yoga.  However, many people do not know where to begin with these practices or how to do them safely and meaningfully. This workshop is designed to introduce the tools that each of us inherently possess to RECOVER, HEAL AND THRIVE.

Classes incorporate teaching, reflection, and guided mind-body practices.  Every aspect of the course is intended to provide participants with the information and direct experience needed in order to learn how to lower stress and bring about greater ease and well-being in every day life.

This class provides information deemed valuable prior to beginning EMDR therapy, including basic preparation steps of Calm Place, state change, and emotional reguation tools.

Presented by Gretchen Mallios, LCSW, RYT


Introduction to the MindBody Connection

Awareness of Body

Awareness of Breath

Awareness of Mind

Awareness of Emotions

Understanding Your Nervous System


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Yoga for Back Health



In the United States, back pain is one of the top reasons students come to Yoga. Low back pain is particularly pervasive in our culture and can happen for  structural, mental, and/or emotional reasons.  Because there are a variety of causes of back pain, some Yoga poses are not appropriate or therapeutic for certain kinds of back pain.  In these instances, Yoga could even aggravate the problem.

In this 6-week series, participants will learn about and understand common causes of pain and explore and practice therapeutic solutions that often provide great relief when practiced safely and accurately.  

Classes will integrate several modalities of healing, including: yoga asana (movement), pressure (marma) points, essential oils, massage, mindful breathing, and meditation. 

Class size is limited to allow for individual attention. 

At the end of the 6 weeks, participants will have learned techniques and life-skills to alleviate, and/or manage common back pain. 


 This class addresses generalized low back pain or discomfort. If you have a diagnosed conditions or specific injury, please contact the Instructor to determine whether this group class will be appropriate for you.**

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