Yin Yoga/Moon Salutations

Towards the end of the work week, it can be nice to slow down and release the tension, which is why a Yin practice is perfect for a Thursday evening.

This one hour class welcomes all levels of practitioners and is also appropriate for prenatal/postnatal women.  You will experience a blend of moon salutations, Yin yoga, and guided meditation. This class focuses on relaxing tension primarily found in the hips and spine. Excellent for stress reduction and greatly improves sleep quality.

Moon/Yin Yoga: Thursday 5:30-6:30 p.m.

The Instructor, Tracy Aleksic, is independent of Positively Yoga.  Before planning to attend the class, please contact her to verify her schedule.

Instructor: Tracy Aleksic is a Yoga Therapist in training and an experienced yoga teacher.   Following this class periodically throughout the year is Tracy Aleksic’s 8-week class series on Yoga For Anxiety.