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Have you ever noticed how curious it is that you can see right through a friend’s problem that they can’t seem to see at all?  You have the same conversation with them over and over and they never seem to be able to figure out what to you seems obvious.  And your inner dialog might sound something like “Of course you two broke up.  You had completely different goals. Quite frankly, I’m surprised you are surprised.”  Or maybe your partner gets upset over the same issue repeatedly and doesn’t seem to recognize that they are getting all ‘worked up’ over nothing and that its possible to see the problem coming from a mile away….at least in your view.  There are numerous more examples of these types of situations.  I refer to these types of patterns as our blindspots.  Continue reading

I took a breath…now what

After you’ve had the wisdom and clarity to take a few breaths with some attention to the process and to your body, you should be feeling a little more grounded and ‘in the moment’.  If not, try to  remain relaxed and trust that you are o.k.  As I tell me clients, no one has spontaneously combusted or evaporated from a rapid breath or feelings of agitation.  Yes, it is uncomfortable.  But it is not fatal.  So stay with the process until you feel your body and mind following your lead and coming into the present…continue to follow your breath.

Now you notice that your body is settling down and feeling more at ease.  Once there, begin Continue reading