As an experienced mental health professional, I provide individual services to mild to server  emotional health concerns, including personal and professional stress, depression, anxiety, and trauma.  I am also available to coach you through concerns that may be less severe in nature, but no less troubling.  Life transitions such as marriage, parenting, professional changes, and the like have a tendency to elevate our stress and tax our skills.  I can work with you briefly or on going to help you identify challenges or barriers to feeling successful and capable.  You can use my services to:

  • unlock outdated negative stories about yourself and your abilities that are getting in the way of you reaching your potential
  • change patterns of thoughts or behavior that leave you dissatisfied or unhappy
  • identify what you really want from life and your relationships
  • manage your stress and daily worries
  • improve your mood and outlook
  • get past old traumas or hurts that still occupy your mind and heart

Insurance and Fees

I accept the following forms of insurance:

  • Tricare Standard
  • Anthem EAP
  • Any PPO to which you can submit a superbill.

Call for rates for my fee for service treatment.  (619) 265-5263.