Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is beneficial to every body, but it is especially wonderful for the pregnant or postpartum woman.  Yoga can help you become more connected to your breath, your center of calm, and your changing body.  In addition, one research study found that a 10 week series of mindful yoga reduced levels of depression in the pregnant woman and increased the sense of attachment between mother and the unborn baby.

The benefits of yoga will serve you well in your journey through motherhood.  Prenatal yoga is not ‘pampering’ or a ‘treat’ for the mom to be.  I consider it one of the basics, along with childbirth education and breastfeeding support, of motherhood preparation.  These days, many yoga studios have Prenatal Yoga.    Visit your local studio to inquire, or contact me for private instruction or assistance in locating the right service for you.



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