Postpartum Depression Screening

If you have noticed that you don’t feel like yourself since you became pregnant or had your child or you are worried you might have Postpartum Depression or Depression during your pregnancy, you can complete the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale to find out more.  By completing the screening you can take the first step to monitoring your perinatal mental health.

Once you complete the screening, it is recommended you follow up with a professional if: 1) your score was 10 or higher OR 2) you answered yes to question 10.  If either of these are true, it is recommended that you do the following:

1) tell a loved one that you don’t feel like yourself and that you might need some professional help.

2) contact your doctor or mental health provider to discuss your symptoms.

3) contact Postpartum Support International or Postpartum Health Alliance if you live in San Diego  to talk to a trained peer about Postpartum Depression to find out what you can do to begin to get better.

Remember that “You are Not Alone.  You are Not to Blame, and You can Get Better


Disclaimer: the recommendations above are not a replacement for a professional screening or advice. If you feel you are in crisis, go to your emergency room, call your health provider, or call the San Diego Crisis and Access Line at (888) 724-7240.