Partners in Parenting

In San Diego we are very fortunate to have an extensive network of capable professionals and professional organizations to support pregnancy, new parents, and families.  Here are just a few:

Pregnancy and Infancy Related Support

Birth Education Center is located in the Scripps Ranch / Mira Mesa area of San Diego.  BEC recently opened its doors with intention of serving as a hub for birth educators, doulas, and other support services for pregnant and birthing women.  They offer child birth preparation classes, education on birthing options, lactation support, and postpartum support.

San Diego Breastfeeding Center, LLC is located in the Hillcrest neighorbood of San Diego.  Owner and Founder, Robin Kaplan is widely known at an exceptionally capable and supportive professional who can assist mothers are breastfeeding or a attempting to breastfeed their babies.

Text 4 Baby is a must have for all newly pregnant and parenting moms!  This incredible service is so easy, so private, and so simple that it is brilliant!  Moms sign up online to receive regular texts that provider basic useful information for navigating pregnancy and new parenthood.  See their website for sample texts.

Ongoing Parenting Development and Support

New Mommy Media is a creative and fantastic resource for moms of all stages.  Preggie Pals is for expecting moms, Parent Savers is for new parents, and the Boob Group is…well….self explanatory.  Check it out. Download their podcasts to listen to both professional experts as well as real moms and dads who are living the experience.

Parent Connection is a local parent membership organization that is operated through Scripps Health.  You do not need to be a member or patient of the Scripps health system to join.  PC runs parent play groups, a parent listserve, baby supplies swap meets, parenting education courses, etc…  For a $20 annual membership fee you get access to their monthly newsletter that summarizes their upcoming events and activities.

Parenting Skills Workshops grounded  in neuroscience that  focus on the development of your child’s brain, specifically how your connection and interactions with your child actually shape the architecture of his or her brain.   These workshops have been developed and are delivered by three professionals who are experts in early childhood and emotional health.  Parents will walk away from these workshops with specific strategies that parents can apply to facilitate healthy brain development and promote: school success, self confidence, emotional balance and social competence.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Emotional Health Resources

Postpartum Health Alliance is a San Diego based non-profit with a mission of increasing awareness about Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) to ensure the families, loved ones, as well as professional providers are properly trained and ready to recognize and understand the signs and symptoms of PMADs.  PHA has both a professional and a supporter membership program.  These memberships support the work that PHA does throughout the San Diego community.

Postpartum Progress is a national blog that was originally created by a survivor of Postpartum OCD, Katherine Stone.  The blog is intended to be a forum for the latest information on PPD.

MedEdPPD is run by the National Institute for Mental Health. It is a wonderful resource for both providers and families who are looking to understand Postpartum Depression.



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